Cost $75 per student

Classes start on Tuesday July 23rd and ends Thursday July 25
You need to be there every day from 1:00 - 4:30 pm

Summer Camp is open to any student from ages 13 to 17 years old.
Students must register to attend in advance.
Class size limited to 20 students. 

Every day students will spend 3 1/2 hours getting "hands on" learning.  
This class mimics the basics of the plumbing merit badge.

Under the supervision of a knowledgeable adult students will:

  • Learn and describe the working of home plumbing systems.
  • Learn plumbing health and safety precautions.
  • Learn to draw and explain how a home water supply works
  • Learn how to use important plumbers’ tools.
  • Replace a washer in a faucet.
  • Clean out a sink or lavatory trap.
  • Cut, thread, and connect 2 pieces of steel pipe.
  • Solder copper tube connections using a gas torch

 Students may be dropped off at the camp or one guardian may stay with the students.
Students must be picked up by the end time of 4:30pm each day.
Students must have a pair of safety glasses and heat resistant gloves.
Students must wear long pants and clothes toes shoes.
All shirts must have at least 4-inch sleeves.
Students are not allowed to wear jewelry or baggy clothes. 


Waiver Must be Signed by Parent/Guardian

Agreement Form

Registration Form

*Invoice will be sent upon receipt of registration form*

Site Coordinator: Dereck Owens ph: 478-227-2958 em: [email protected]

PHCC GA Training Academy
2688 Roff Ave
Macon, GA